#23 Squatch Jr Review

Spotted stalking through the tomato woods

This beer achieved the main goal I set for it, which was getting some IPA back in under my roof.

It landed square on 6%. The level of bitterness is what I would call friendly. It's not tongue-curling like its predecessor, which my more mature palate considers to be no great loss. It's accessible.

Carbonation is just where I like it: a nice, foamy head, with consistent lacing all the way to the bottom, without too many bubbles to turn away the likes of a pint-swilling, cardigan-wearing Camra member. If anything, it's maybe a bit too full-bodied, and could benefit from some sugar to thin it out next time.

The one thing that does not enthuse me is the hop combo: the addition of Citra, which usually contributes pineapple and mango, makes me think of melons here, swimming as it is with three other varieties. It's hop soup, or a generic fruit salad. Not bad, but indistinct. Perhaps a case for hop apartheid?