#47 Lockdown Pale Ale

Fresh & fruity

3kg pilsner malt
3kg pale ale malt
Bags of dried homegrown hops:
2 @ 60 minutes
1 @ 25 minutes
1 @ 5 minutes
1 @ 0 minutes
1 @ +20 minutes hop stand
1 @ +30 minutes hop stand
15L mash water
18.5L sparge water
OG 1.052
FG 1.013
ABG 5.1%

I thought Covid-19 would give me plenty of opportunity to brew, but it turns out the rest of the country had the same idea and it was nearly impossible to buy ingredients for weeks.

The brew day was pretty uneventful with my new sparge manifold. The finished product was pretty fresh and fruity. Pleasantly surprised how good the homegrown hops are becoming.