#44 Like a Duck to... No. 2

#44 Like a Duck to... No. 2

3kg Pilsner
3kg Golden Promise
40g Citra @ 60 mins
15g Citra @ 15 mins
15g Citra @ 5 mins
70g Citra @ 0 mins for 30 mins
60g Citra dry hop 5 days
3.8g citric acid added to mash
2g gypsum added to mash
OG 1.054
FG 1.012
ABV 5.5%

This recipe is nearly identical to #43, save for the type of malt used.

I started with 15 L of mash water for 45 minutes and added 3.8g Citric acid an 2g gypsum to the mash. I brought 18.5 L water to boiling and added it to the mash tun for 5 mins.

The new mash tun manifold again worked flawlessly, this time even more so as the bazookas were kept more firmly in place with compression fittings rather than PTFE tape. I only opened the tap halfway this time so I was able to collect the run-off at a more comfortable speed.

I collected 27 L of wort in just minutes.

The boil was uneventful and I got about 21 L into the FV.

I added 60g Citra on day 9 and kegged 19 L (with some to spare) on day 23 (the delay being down to a badly timed week's holiday).

The finished product is good and refreshing, if a bit raw and rough. I might try to make something a bit less alcoholic next time.