#35 MBPA No. 4

This one of three beers I brewed for my wedding, now over 2 years ago. I didn't publish the details at the time and my memory of it is now a bit fuzzy, so what follows is for the sake of posterity only

The Recipe

4.75kg Pearl malt (95%)
250g Crystal malt 120 EBC (5%)
30g Citra @ 60 mins
10g Citra @ 15 mins
10g Citra @ 5 mins
50g Citra @ 0 mins
50g Galaxy dry hop @ day 7
WLP007 dry English ale yeast
OG 1.048 (expected 1.050)
FG 1.013
ABV 4.6%
IBUs c. 60

I made a 1.5 L starter. I heated 12.5 L to 73.9 C to mash for 60 mins, adding 3.80g solid citric acid and 2g gypsum.

I forgot to preheat the mash tun so the first rest was only at 63 C. To correct it I heated 5 L in the boiler quick sharp and started draining it into the mash tun until it reached 66 C.

I then heated 10.5 L to boiling and added that to the mash to bring it up to about 75 C, and let it rest for 10 minutes, then drained and collect first runnings. I heated 9 L at 80 C for a second sparge.

I don't know how much wort I collected. I had a stuck sparge on the second runnings and had to add hot wort back to the tun to get it running again. I got about 19 L in the FV in the end. I measured gravity at 1.018 on day 4, which was a bit high for comfort so I moved it next to a radiator to finish it off.

I don't have any photos of it because it went into a keg for my wedding and by the following morning there was nothing left! I don't remember it being great, but that sort of thing doesn't always matter at weddings...