#36 Great Wheat Hope

The third of my three wedding beers, and my second ever wheat beer.

3kg wheat malt
2kg pilsner malt
50g 2.19AA Saaz @ 90 min
OG 1.045
FG 1.011
ABV 4.5%

I heated 10 L of mash water and added 3g citric acid and 400g rice hulls pre-soaked in hot water to mash tun until temp stabilised at 51 C. When I added the grains I overshot by about 3 C, so left the mash tun lid open for 10 minutes while I heated the water to bring it up to the saccharification rest on the stove.

I heated a total of 22 L sparge water, 7.5 of which was heated to boiling for the sacc rest and 14.5 heated to boiling for mash out, to which 3g citric acid was added. The mash pH was only 6.2 – I realised that I forgot to adjust grain bill in the software

I collected 27 L wort. I boiled for longer than usual to try to make up for poor efficiency. It had reached 1.020 by the morning of day 4, so I moved it next to radiator in the kitchen to up the temperature and finish it off.

As with my other wedding beers, I don't have any photos sadly! I remember it being a passable interpretation of a wheat beer though.