#39 Bushey Estate PA

This was my second attempt at a beer using entirely homegrown hops.

4kg Maris Otter
2kg Pilsner
45g Dry Cascade @ 60min
66g Cascade between 10 and 0min

The remainder of my 2016 crop that didn't make it into my 2015/16 Bushey Pale went into this.

I put 15.5 L water into the mash, and 18.5 L sparge water heated to boiling. I added 2g gypsum and 3.8g solid citric acid to the mash. My mash pH was bang on at 5.4.

I had another stuck sparge - this time half way through. Not sure why.

Writing this nearly 2 years after brewing it so can't really remember much about the finished product.