#40 Little Lion

#40 Little Lion

This one was brewed for my son's "name day", a Lion King-themed alternative to a Christening.



3kg Pilsner
2kg Golden Promise
30g Citra @ 60 mins
10g Citra @ 15 mins
10g Citra @ 5 mins
50g Citra @ 0 mins for 30 mins
3.8g citric acid added to mash
2g gypsum added to mash
OG 1.049
FG 1.015
ABV 4.5%

I heated 12.5 L to 73.9 C to mash for 30 mins, and then heated 12.5 L of sparge water to 100 C to rest for 10 mins. I heated 7 L sparge water to 100 C for mash out.

I collected 25 L of wort, and had a largely uneventful boil with 1 cut-out. I chilled to pitching temperature in 15 minutes and got 20 L exactly into the FV.

It cleared up quite nicely a few days later without gelatin. The Citra flavour was soft and not overwhelming, but sharp enough. It was a really lovely beer. One of my favourites, probably my favourite after the Galaxy IPA. It got a lot of great feedback at and after the party. I'm pretty pleased with the label, too.