#41 Little Red Rocket

#41 Little Red Rocket

This one was for my godson's Christening (he's a redhead, what can I say?). My goal was something approximating a Meantime Yakima Red.

Gentlemen prefer reds?


3kg Pilsner
2kg Golden Promise
300g red rye Crystal
30g Galaxy @ 60 mins
20g Galaxy @ 10 mins
10g Simcoe @ 5 mins
30g Simcoe @ 0 mins
30g Simcoe @ +15 mins
30g Simcoe @ +25 mins
WLP029 German Ale
3.8g citric acid added to mash
2g gypsum added to mash
OG 1.049
FG 1.016

I heated 12.8 L and mashed for 50 mins at 67-68 C, and added 19.5 L @ boiling to the mash tun. I gave it a 5 min rest. It was a very slow sparge. Once again, I had to give up and manually separate grain and wort. What a pain. 25.5 L collected.

It didn't really clear in time for party, which was fine considering everyone drank straight from the bottle.

The finished product was a long way from a Yakima Red. It wasn't really that hoppy, probably due to amount of malt, and wasn't really that red either! It wasn't dissimilar to a Brooklyn lager, but not clean enough. Overall pretty good but not what I'd intended.